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May 6, 2008 - MY RETURN TO NUTTY PUTTY CAVE - The first time I ever went to the Nutty Putty cave was when I was 9 years old. Back then I was about 100 pounds smaller, and had a whole lot more energy.Nutty Putty I remember scrambling through the tiny 1 foot in diameter passages like it was nothing. At one point, my father was holding my legs while I dangled off the edge of a drop taking pictures of the formations, and our friend Kermit Mckinney was holding his legs as he dangled off also.

This time, I was 15 years old, 100 pounds bigger, and a whole lot less energetic (well sort of, no I still had energy). When I got home from school on Wednesday, my dad called me into his office, and I immediately thought, “what did I do now?” But when he called me in he asked if I wanted to go to the Nutty Putty cave that day. So we left the house at about 3:00 and got to the cave at like 4:10ish. The Nutty Putty cave is on the top of a hill, and driving a mini-van you can’t exactly go off-roading. So we parked at the bottom of the hill and hiked up, which took about 10 minutes. As we approached the cave, we saw that the gate to the Silly Putty cave, which is near by, had been ripped off of the entrance.

AdamThen we finally found the nutty putty cave, a big gaping hole in the ground. It brought back lots of good memories of going there, it made me even more excited to get in there. My dad climbed down the ten foot hole in the ground to the entrance first, Then I went down. Down in the hole there was a five foot by five foot room of hard wet rock and a breeze floating out of the cave(it smelled a whole lot better than before, when I went last time when it smelled like pee).

In the room there was me and my dad, I had to turn around and dive into the little hole in the rock like I was jumping off of a diving board. When I got in the cave, I crawled through the first ten feet of 1 ½ foot tall tunnel with a gate a the end, I got really excited, until I got to the end and the gate was open even though a new lock had been put on only 8 days before. I went through and entered the big ten foot high room that lay after it. Then my little brother Aaron came through and I was really excited for him, because it was his first time. Somebody had partially filled the bottom of the entrance with 4 large rocks and it made it really tough for my dad to maneuver his body around. When my dad tried to come through, he got stuck because his legs were too long to fold like a pretzel,Cough...or he was too fat... Cough. Just kidding, but he told us to go on ahead and he was going to remove the rocks.

The whole reason we had come to the cave was to put a new lock on the gate, put he register in, check up on the cave, and remove the broken ladder from the big slide. Aaron and I began to go down the cave, and got to the first of three spots where we had to climb down several feet, it was interesting to say the least. We made it past those obstacles and then came to the steep slippery part they call the big slide. All the way down the slide there is a rope to grab, because at the end is a fifteen foot drop. The drop has a ladder but it was broken so I slid down and stopped myself a foot or so before, and couldn't figure out how to get the ladder off.

Aaron and I decided we should go ask our dad what to do, so we went all the way back up, and realized that all we needed to do was use the wrench to unbolt it from the ceiling. As we went down the second time we went much faster, already knowing what was coming up. It is a good thing Aaron wasn’t the guide though because he could never quite figure out where we were. When we got back down we unbolted the ladder, then I climbed up the slide dragging the rope and ladder behind us. That stuff is heavy. We had to take it all back up, and it weighed like 40 pounds, you try carrying that while you are climbing, it is tiring. When we got back out of the cave we had to shove the rope and ladder through the little hole.

The pictures below are me coming out of the cave completely covered in water and dirt (the cave was really whet and dirty, really wet). When we got out my dad said that he had decided we were fine and was hauling rocks out of the entrance to make more room. After me and Aaron got out, we were exhausted, but it was an amazing thing to do, it really helped me and Aaron bond due to the fact we had to help each other climb the slippery wet walls.

Nutty Putty
I was coming out holding the register to the cave.
Nutty Putty
It looked like I pee’d my pants when I got out of the cave, and I was so exhausted that I made that flattering face.(On the right is that super heavy ladder and ropes we carried out)
Nutty Putty
Yes this really as inconvenient as it looks! Coming out was uncomfortable.
Nutty Putty
My excellent photo of my brother Aaron. I took this while we were coming down one of the walls. Isn’t he adorable.
Nutty Putty
Aaron is sliding down the slide and loving it
Nutty Putty
There is the rope at the top of the slide, and Aaron coming around the corner
Nutty Putty
The gate to Silly Putty cave had been ripped off, it was sad to see that.
Nutty Putty
The hole down to the bottom looked really long.
Nutty Putty
Someone took a grinder and cut the gate off.
Nutty Putty
This is a grasshopper my dad found on his jumpsuit, that is his fingernail, that thing is tiny.

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