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I had the pleasure to be in the Canyon View Junior High School production of Beauty & The Beast. The hardest part was going to rehearsal everyday. Even though it was hard it was really fun because you were around people that you knew and it was really fun. It really paid off going to practice everyday because finally going out and performing was like the coolest thing that I have ever done in my life.

What was great about performing? It was like a rush of adrenalin and going out there and seeing all of these people clapping. It was great to remember a certain dance move that was really hard or a line in a song that was tough to remember. it was really really cool.

When it was all said and done you just wished that it could go on for another week or two. Because when it is over it is just over.

I think that everybody should go out for drama even though they might not think so because you make lots of friends and the only reason that I really did them is because my older sister did plays and she said that they were really fun so I tried it. Now I am addicted and I am just going to keep on doing them until I can't

What good friendships did you make? I made some really good friends like Andrew and Jessie. it is really cool that people who you never thought you would be friends with are now my friends, all because of the play.

How long did you practice? 3 months. Usually everyday except Sunday. We even practiced over Christmas vacation. It was really well organized and some days I didn't have to go when they were staging the villagers.

What parts did you play? I was a teaspoon and a towns person. My little brother was in it too as a teacup and a villager.

Was it a good experience to have your little brother in the play? Yes. It was really cool because I had somebody close to go through it with. He was fun to play with behind the stage. he was really cool?

Did Aaron ever get picked on? Yes. The director's little kids picked on him and I had to go defend him and threaten to go tell Miss Kate.

Did you meet any special girls? Nooooo. Not in that kind of way. I did make some friends though, that were girls. Jessie Parker was a favorite because she was really nice and a good friend. Nicole, the Beasts daughter, is really cool. She was a soup bowl and looked cute with her hoola-hoop costume.

Tell us about Miss Kate - Miss Kate was really nice and she knew what she wanted. She could be very mean at times, but only when you were goofing off or doing something really bad. On opening night she was really emotional because of the stress. At the closing night she was also emotional because we did so good.

B&B was a really fun experience and I am really glad that I did it.


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